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No Magic In My Time


I wish I'd conjured up,

Some magic in my time.

Not only deep blue loneliness swallowed down with a sorry life.

I wish I had not what others have but what I may have learned, If only I had the nerve to reveal my needs And what’s worse.

You can’t be brave just because you long for joyfulness that’s real. Without a never ending spiritual love that you can feel.

I wish I’d stormed the sea of smugness and let it wash over me. I wish I felt some affection pouring down, ending my grief. How I’d like to play out vengeance, Seasons of immorality.

But nature and time laugh and throw their heads back, Couldn’t care less.

We tumble round in the drum of life, Until we’re spun to death.

And no on turns around if you hit the ground and lose all hope.

Except one evil relative, with a slip knot for a choke.

There is coldness in the selfish with a blunt and noisy mind.

Will I always be so hungry Mama

I felt no magic in my time.


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