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M I C R O ~ P O E M S


(America Zed)


This lifetime isn't long enough

for the soul to overcome all things,

So reveal your love, light, valor and help, Be a diamond in the suffering.


This is the road you have chosen,

Be glad you see, ahead of your time. There is no need for explanation, A heart of love brings all meaning to life.


Shine your brilliance across the world, See hope and joy run free.

Be love be kind ’til the end of time, Let every soul find peace.


Now we have better things to see, Our love will grow Swirl on the breeze And hear the music Find the words.

New strength will overcome our pain, Blaze on to victory and then Leave only sunshine for the earth.


Give way to flowers,

And every fine gift, Make beautiful progress, See inspiration live.

Bring truck loads of courage, For every boy and girl, With hope up to heaven, And arms around the world.


You don't understand why you are so strong. Because you don't see what that looks like or how it becomes,

A star of your own future and your life.

Still, You are love to rise up over sadness Feeling broken deep inside.

* * *

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